"I had a wonderful experience and services are fantastic. I had fillings and same day crown."
-Gladys Guz

CEREC Crown Milling Machine

CEREC One-Visit Crowns

CEREC Crown Milling Machine

Restore Your Smile in One Appointment with CEREC Crowns

CEREC is a proven technology that gives us the ability to mill and place a crown in just a single office visit. CEREC employs 3D scanning to capture a digital image of your tooth and then craft a crown that matches the shape, size, and shade of your tooth in one convenient appointment. Dr. Sadineni, CEREC Dentist Dublin Ohio, can prepare and place the CEREC crown in just one visit, restoring health and strength to your tooth, quickly and conveniently.

CEREC 3D Unit with Milling Machine

Advantages of CEREC 3D:

  • The restoration is started and finished in a single session.
  • No need to wear a temporary crown which may break or fall off.
  • The restoration is natural looking, as it is made out of tooth-colored ceramic material.
  • Allows Dr. Sadineni to save more of the healthy tooth.
  • Extremely precise. The restoration is bonded permanently in place.

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