"I never felt pressured to do anything and I appreciated Dr. Sadineni's referral to a specialist to complete a very difficult root canal."
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Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

When healthy teeth become infected or damaged, their nerves often die along with the teeth. Often, the only way to save such an infected tooth is through root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is the process of removing the tooth’s pulp, cleaning all the infected tissue in the pulp chamber and root canal. This is done using tiny files until all traces of the pulp are gone. The first visit usually involves removing the infected pulp and cleaning the infected chamber. Usually medication is left in the pulp chamber for a period of a few weeks to eliminate all bacteria.

tooth pulp

On the second visit, provided all bacteria are eliminated, the tooth can be sealed with a pink substance called gutta-percha, which prevents bacteria from getting to the root of the tooth again. If bacteria still remain, the infected pulp chamber and root canal are cleaned again.

Because a tooth has no pulp to nourish it after a root canal, it is recommended that a crown be fitted so the structure of the tooth is not compromised and its appearance remains the same.

Root canal treatments today are mostly painless and are recommended over the removal of a tooth. To learn more Contact Dublin Metro Dental Group today!

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