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"Your technology is fabulous! Everyone was very kind and I felt comfortable. I will probably bring two more patients your way."
-Karen Millar

Dental Laser

AMD Picasso Laser

Dental Laser

Dublin Metro Dental is pleased to feature the revolutionary, innovative AMD Picasso Laser, one of the truly important recent advances in modern dentistry. The extreme precision of the dental laser allows Dr. Sadineni to treat selected areas of the mouth without affecting any of the surrounding tissue. As a result, patients retain more of their healthy tooth structure, ensuring optimal oral health.

The Picasso laser offers a range of endodontic, periodontic and dental surgery procedures. It allows for clean cutting and hemostasis in a range of soft-tissue procedures and cuts gum tissue with precision there by eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing healing time. This laser is also being used to help sterilize canals in endodontics, treat periodontal disease and aid in tooth whitening.

The laser produces no heat or vibration and is extremely quiet, particularly when compared to the whine of the traditional drill. This gentle device even allows Dr. Sadineni to perform many treatments without the need for anesthesia. Truly, laser dentistry is ideal for any patient who has avoided visiting the dentist due to anxiety centered on traditional dental drills.

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